Honeycomb Ventilation Panels up to 18 GHz & 40 GHz

EMI Shielded Air Ventilation panels, also known as Honeycomb Waveguide Air Vent Panels, are the perfect solution for EMI shielded enclosed environments with air flow requirements for thermal management while maintaining the required EMI Shielding.

Do you have a requirement for air flow in your EMI shielded environment? Our Honeycomb Waveguide Ventilation Panels provide maximum EMI shielding with minimum air flow resistance (pressure loss) for ventilation. The rigid design of our Honeycomb Panels is the backbone for the outstanding EMI Shielding Performance.

The Vent Panels consists of a galvanized steel frame, shielding gasket (knitted wire mesh) and honeycomb material, all together bolted on a 3 mm galvanized mounting-plate. This solution makes the Honeycomb Vent Panel ready to install upon arrival at your location.

  • High Shielding Performance up to 120 dB
  • Lead-Free RoHS Compliant
  • Very Low Pressure Loss (Air Flow resistance)
  • Ready to install
  • Stainless Steel & Steel Honeycombs


Honeycomb panels are used wherever there is a requirement for ventilation within Shielded enclosures. Typical applications are:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Shielded Main Equipment Room (MER)
  • Shielded EMP Protection
  • Cooling of high power systems (computair)
  • Exhaust Gas Extraction


The Honeycomb Waveguide Air Vents we manufacture have a very high Shielding Performance. In the following table detailed graphs of the Shielding Effectiveness and Pressure Loss vs. Flow Rate is found. The performance is measured according to the EN50147-1 standard.

Product Shielding
Pressure Loss
Honeycomb Vent Panel

Available Dimensions

All our honeycomb solutions that are uploaded to the website are based on standard dimensions* shown in the following table. We are able to manufacture custom made honeycomb solutions if the dimensions does not meet your requirement.

Lenght Width
150 150
300 150
450 150
600 150
300 300
450 300
600 300
900 300
450 450
600 450
750 450
900 450
600 600
750 600
900 600

* Dimensions in the above table are in millimeters (mm) and the size of the mounting-plate is 130 mm increased on the length and width compared to the size of the honeycomb core surface itself.

Custom EMI Vent Panels

Are the standard dimensions of our Honeycombs not sufficient for your application? We are able to manufacture custom made honeycomb panels on request. Please sent your requirements to us by e-mail and we will provide you the details on lead times and pricing.

Honeycomb Ventilation Panels up to 18 GHz & 40 GHz
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