Transient Limiter

  • For Conducted EMC Testing
  • Protects the Analyzer Input
  • 10 dB Attenuator
  • High-Pass Filter

Transient Limiter models

Model Frequency Range
LIT-153 150 kHz - 30 MHz
LIT-930 9 kHz - 30 MHz

Protect the Spectrum Analyzers input during EMI testing

Transients limiters are recommended for use with Line Impedance Stabilization Networks and are installed between the LISN and the EMI analyzer to protect the analyzer from mains transient damage. The LISN itself will attenuate most of the transients on the mains supply. The real problem when using LISNs is when connection and disconnection of the EUT to LISN occur. Surge currents can cause 400-V transients to appear at the RF output terminals.

High-pass filters are used to only permit signals of interest to reach the spectrum analyzer. As with the transient limiter, any low frequency or DC signal can cause harm. The integrated high-pass filter prevents 50/60 Hz components from affecting the performance of the spectrum analyzer at the low end of the frequency spectrum without causing disruption in the higher frequency components that are being measured.

Transient Limiter
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