RF Signal Generator

RF signal generators are often described as function generators or waveform generators. Typically, a radio frequency signal generator is designed to produce electric signals with very high spectral purity and stable frequency and amplitude. The devices part of the GA148x series have a superior phase noise, extensive analog modulation and operating frequency between 250 kHz up to 3 GHz/4GHz with 0.1 Hz resolution.

Radio Frequency (RF) signal generators produce CW (continues waves) tones. The output frequency can be tuned anywhere in its frequency range. Our models offer various types of analog modulation and include AM, FM, Phase and Pulse modulation. More information on the modulation features can be found in the datasheet on the product pages below.


A waveform is the shape and form of a signal that is being generated. All our signal generators are able to produce the following waveform types:

  • Sine Wave
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Sawtooth

Application Area

Our generators can be used for various testing applications. It generates the essential signals for parametric and functional testing of components and receivers.
  • Manufacturing Line
  • General Service and Maintenance
  • Test Bench
  • RF Teaching Lab
  • Research and Development Lab
RF Signal Generator
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