Impedance Stabilization Network

An Impedance stabilization Network (ISN) is required for the measurement of conducted common mode noise on Telecom Cables of Information Technology Equipment (ITE). These measurements are necessary to meet the requirements specified in CISPR 22 and CISPR 32 standards.


The ISN is placed in the path of the cable connecting the equipment under test (EUT) and its support equipment (Also referred to as auxiliary equipment or AE). The impedance stabilization network performs three functions during the test.

  1. The ISN presents a stable common-mode termination impedance for the EUT’s telecommunications port during measurement. Thus, the noise measurement is repeatable
  2. It emulates the longitudinal conversion loss (LCL) of the connected line
  3. It provides a method to connect the noise output to a measuring device such as spectrum analyzer while allowing the data transfer between the EUT and AE.

Different ISN models are available for specific category of line as well as the number of conductors in the line the connector type and pin-arrangement in the connector.

Impedance Stabilization Network
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European Standard

Com-Power Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-T8SE

Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-T8SE

Impedance Stabilization Network (ISN) with CDN Coupling/Decoupling functionalities. Designed for immunity or emissions testing of shielded Ethernet cables.


Com-Power Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-C50E

Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-C50E

Coupling Decoupling Networks designed for injecting disturbance signals on to 50 Ohm coax cables for conducted immunity per IEC/EN 61000-4-6.


Com-Power Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-C75E

Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-C75E

The CDN-C75E Coupling Decoupling Network is developed for testing products that uses 75 Ohm coaxial cables for conducted immunity per IEC/EN 61000-4-6.


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