Broadband Preamplifier

Broadband preamplifiers are used during EMC measurements to reduce the effects of noise and interference. Preamplifiers are used to amplify weak electrical signals captured by antennas. During electromagnetic interference testing the preamplifier is usually located as close as possible to the antenna to reduce feed line losses. This active antenna positioning is often used in microwave systems, because coaxial cables suffer of high loss at microwave frequencies.

High Gain Preamplifier

The different high gain preamplifiers we offer cover a frequency range up to 40 GHz. Our EMI preamps designed to have flat gain with minimal variations over the whole operating frequency range. High gain and low noise figures of our preamplifiers help improve overall system sensitivity significantly, resulting in accurate EMC measurements.

During electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurements, preamplifiers are very effective in measuring low level signals. Although our preamps are primarily intended for EMC applications, it may be used for other applications that require low noise and high signal amplification.

  • High Gain
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Frequency range: 100 Hz ~ 40 GHz
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Battery powered*

* Preamplifiers can be used with power adapter or battery pack (included).

Preamplifier specification and models

Model Gain (dB) Flatness (dB) Frequency
PAL-010 28 ± 2 100 Hz - 30 MHz
PAM-103 33 ± 3 1 MHz - 1 GHz
PAM-6000 30 ± 1.5 1 GHz - 6 GHz
PAM-118A 40 ± 2.5 500 MHz - 18 GHz
PAM-840A 42 ± 2 18 GHz - 40 GHz
PAP-501 21 ± 2 10 MHz - 1 GHz
Broadband Preamplifier
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European Standard

Com-Power Wideband High Gain Preamplifier PAM-118A

Wideband High Gain Preamplifier PAM-118A

Wideband high gain preamplifier PAM-118A is intended for improving measurement sensitivity in the microwave frequency range of 500 MHz ~ 18 GHz and high gain of 40 dB minimum.


Com-Power Broadband Preamplifier PAM-103

Broadband Preamplifier PAM-103

Broadband preamplifier PAM-103 is intended for improving measurement system sensitivity during EMC compliance testing. Operating frequency range of 1 MHz ~ 1 GHz.


Com-Power Preamplifier for Near Field Probes

Preamplifier for Near Field Probes

This compact broadband preamplifier is specifically designed for improving the system sensitivity of Near Field Probes. The frequency range of this preamplifier is 10 MHz up to 1000 MHz and it has a gain of 21 dB.


Com-Power Microwave Preamplifier PAM-840A

Microwave Preamplifier PAM-840A

The PAM-840A high gain microwave preamplifier increases system sensitivity by enhancing measurement of low level signals during EMC/EMI applications.



New Price

Com-Power Broadband Preamplifier PAM-6000

Broadband Preamplifier PAM-6000

The broadband preamplifier PAM-6000 operates in the frequency range of 1 GHz to 6 GHz and 30 dB gain with a small gain variation of ± 1.5 dB.

€1.699,00 €1.599,00

Com-Power Broadband Preamplifier PAL-010

Broadband Preamplifier PAL-010

The PAL-010 broadband preamplifier for improving measurement system sensitivity during EMC compliance testing. Operating frequency range of 100 Hz ~ 30 MHz and 28 dB gain.


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