Biconical Antennas for Emissions and Immunity Testing

Biconical antennas are simply dipole antennas which are broadband. These test antennas normally have a bandwidth of at least three octaves.

We recommend using our biconical antennas for MIL-STD, TEMPEST, VDE, FCC, and immunity testing – every one of our 3 antennas models provide reliable and repeatable measurements. These tests are mandatory because almost all electronic products need to meet various international standards before they're allowed onto the market.

Biconical Antenna models

The standard antenna model is the AB-900, which operates within the frequency range of 25 - 300 MHz. You can use it as a receiving antenna, or as a transmitting antenna. For example, the linearly polarised AB-900 can be used at lower frequencies for EMI testing. It features a gamma match rod which boosts the antenna's performance from 275 MHz to 290 MHz.

Almost identical is the ABF-900 model which operates in the same frequency range as the AB-900, but is 100% collapsible. By folding the dipole elements, you can easily store and transport the antenna – making it ideal for outdoor EMI testing. It also has a gamma match rod which is removable, and the whole setup is extremely durable.

Finally, we supply a microwave antenna called the ABM-6000, which operates in the high frequency band of 1 - 6 GHz. The ABM-6000 Is designed to be the transmit source antenna for test site measurements at frequencies higher than 1 GHz. It is a miniature microwave biconical antenna, making it incredibly lightweight and portable, but constructed of sturdy steel housing and brass elements.

Check out the individual product pages for a detailed description and specification with graphs, datasheet and technical drawing. We provide our customers with a 3 year guarantee on all of our EMC Antennas.

Each antenna is individually calibrated per SAE ARP958 or ANSI C63.5, and is traceable with NIST. We include the appropriate certificate and calibration data with the product.

If you need to mount the ABF-900 or ABF-900, we recommend using our AT-812 Antenna Tripod.

In terms of shape, the antenna is constructed of 2 conductive conical objects which are almost touching near their points. They are now used for many different applications, whereas in the past, tuned dipole antennas were the default choice.

You often hear about butterfly or bowtie antennas which are 2D versions of the traditional biconical design. Although, these are used for completely different functions such as short-range TV reception.

Broadband antennas are the best choice for automated tests, because they minimise tuning time and antenna-switching. They also deal with high-input signals especially well (these signals are required to yield electromagnetic fields during immunity testing). Our biconical antennas are compact – allowing them to fit inside nearly all shielded enclosures.

They can be used for evaluating test sites (open area and anechoic rooms), measuring shielding effectiveness, radiated immunity testing, and determining uniform area characteristics.

With biconical antennas you can conduct continuous sweeps, making site anomalies much easier to discover. This makes antennas like our ABF-900 model the preferred choice when it comes to conducting sweeped broadband measurements.

Our biconical antennas have dipole elements which are very long at low frequencies, and measuring time is significantly reduced because they do not need to be tuned to a half wavelength (unlike half wavelength dipole antennas). Tuned dipole antennas are slower to use because individual frequencies have to be measured one-by-one and discretely.

Our testing antennas can also be utilised for site attenuation measurements, although tuned dipole antennas (like our AD-100) are used for better accuracy, using them is much more time consuming. The biconical antenna is a great choice for measuring vertical site attenuation, due to its longer element lengths at low frequencies.

Biconical Antennas for Emissions and Immunity Testing
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European Standard

Com-Power Biconical Dipole Antenna ABF-900

Biconical Dipole Antenna ABF-900

ABF-900 Biconical dipole antenna with collapsible elements is highly portable and can be stored and transported with ease due to its compact design.


Com-Power Biconical Antenna AB-900

Biconical Antenna AB-900

AB-900 Biconical antenna is used for emissions and immunity testing to meet various EMC standards. It can be used as a receiving antenna or transmitting antenna.


Com-Power Microwave Biconical Antenna ABM-6000

Microwave Biconical Antenna ABM-6000

The ABM-6000 Microwave Biconical antenna is specifically designed to be the transmit source antenna for test site validations above 1 GHz per the CISPR 16-1-4 Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (SVSWR) procedure.


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