Antenna tripods for positioning EMC/EMI antennas

Antenna tripods manufactured by Com-Power are perfect for altering the height and polarisation of test antennas for EMC testing purposes. 

The portable antenna tripod is composed of non-reflective nylon and high-quality wood. These materials help in minimising RF reflection – so you can obtain the most accurate readings possible.

The height of an antenna which is attached to one of our tripod stands can be easily changed by moving the centre-rod up or down.

The tripods can be positioned with little effort due to their light weight and portability. This is ideal for EMC testing, because antennas need to be re-positioned quite frequently while taking measurements.

Furthermore, the legs of our tripod for antennas can be folded for simple storing and transporting. They can be easily carried from the outside test site to the indoor laboratory.

Also our tripod mounts have the ability to rotate mounted antennas. This is necessary because testing antennas often need to be positioned in a horizontal polarisation or a vertical polarisation depending on the measurements being taken.

Our antenna stands fit almost all antenna models, and mounts a wide variety of the EMC/EMI antennas available on our website.


  • Made of Nylon material
  • For most test antenna models
  • Mounts variety of antennas
  • Portable & easy for transportation and storage
  • Three Year Warranty

Compatible antennas for each antenna tripod

For example, our AT-220 tripod and AT-812 tripod are both compatible with the AL-130 active loop antenna. With the AT-220 you can mount the antenna from 1 metre to 1.2 metres, which allows its antenna loop to be adjusted from 0.95 metres all the way up to 1.35 metres.

With the AT-812 you can go a step further and support the loop antenna to a height between 1.08 metres and 1.58 metres. Also, many antennas like the AL-130 have ¼ inch x 20 mounting holes, which make attachment to the AT-220 or AT-812 super-easy.

Other antennas the AT-812 model are compatible with are:

Biconical Antennas: the AT-812 is compatible with the AB-900 and ABF-900 models, which can be mounted from 1 metre all the way to 1.2 metres.

Horn antennas: The AH-118, AHA-118, AH-826, AH-640 and AH-840 models are all compatible with the AT-812 as well, and can be mounted from 0.8 metres to a maximum of 1.2 metres.

Log periodic antennas: The AT-812 Antenna tripod is compatible with the AL-100, ALC-100, and ALP-100 which can be mounted from 1 metre to 1.2 metres.

Dipole antenna: Our AD-100 can be mounted from 0.8 to 1.2 metres with the collapsible AT-812 tripod.

The AT-220 tripod is compatible with the following antennas:

Monopole antenna: The AM-741 is the first antenna compatible with the AT-220 tripod stand, and can be mounted from 0.8 metres all the way up to 1.2 metres.

Horn antenna (specialised): The AH-220 antenna weighs 13.4 kg, has a height of 69 cm, a width of 94.5 cm and a diameter of 94 cm – the AH-220 is the heaviest horn antenna on our website – and the AT-220 antenna stand handles it with ease.

Loop antenna: (case study mentioned above).


Model Height range Material Compatible EMC antenna models
AT-812 0.8 - 1.2 meters Wood & Nylon AL-100, ALP-100, ALC-100, AC-220,
AB-900, ABF-900, AD-100, AH-118,
AHA-118, AH-826, AH-640, AH-840
AT-220 0.6 - 1.2 meters Nylon AH-8055, AH-220, AM-741, AL-130

If you need more information on any of these antennas or tripod stands, you can search for the specific product on our website or e-mail us your question. Datasheets and specifications are available on the individual product pages.

Remember, if you make the decision to purchase one of our antenna tripods we will provide you with an exclusive 3 year guarantee on your order, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

Antenna tripods for positioning EMC/EMI antennas
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Com-Power Antenna Tripod AT-812

Antenna Tripod AT-812

AT-812 Antenna tripod is made of resilient wood material and high quality nylon. Mounts most EMC antennas and can reach heights between 0.8 and 1.2 metres.


Com-Power Antenna Stand AT-220

Antenna Stand AT-220

The AT-220 antenna stand has been designed for indoor and outdoor EMC/EMI testing. The height of the antenna can be easily adjusted using the center rod.


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