EMC Antennas

Shieldingshop offers a broad choice of products for antenna measurement. The product line consists of various antennas, such as biconicals, log periodic and horn antennas, in the frequency range 9 kHz - 40 Ghz. Our solutions for antenna measurement are created to be used for both radiated emissions testing and radiated immunity testing.

EMC antennas vs. communications antennas

EMC antennas, which are specifically used for measurement applications, differ from the more commonly used communications antennas. The latter are optimized for a certain frequency band. Because of this, they usually have a higher gain.

An EMC antenna built for measuring purposes, on the other hand, is made with a wider bandwidth in mind. This may go at the expense of other parameters like gain, efficiency, and good impedance matching, but it allows an engineer to conduct different types of EMC testing without having to constantly change the antenna measurement setup.

Product range

We offer a diverse line of antennas for both EMC and EMI testing:

EMC Antenna Kits
Shieldingshop offers a line of five different EMC antenna kits. Each kit comes with multiple testing antennas, a comb generator, a preamplifier, near field probes, and a cable kit. The portability of the custom carrying case makes them a perfect solution for offsite EMC testing.
Biconical Antennas
Biconical antennas are designed for emissions and immunity testing and ideal for automated test systems and sweep measurements. They are suitable for testing a wide range of FCC, CISPR, EN and other standards.
Horn Antennas
We offer both passive and active horn antennas and accessories for EMC testing. The active configurations come with a built-in preamplifier that can be connected directly to your spectrum analyzer.
Log Periodic Antennas
Our log periodic antennas are lightweight and compact, but solid enough to be used in different environments. The reliability of the product delivers a smooth response curve for increased accuracy.
Active Loop Antenna
The Com-Power AL-130 active loop antenna is designed for open field emissions testing below 30 MHz. It is assumed that in the far field the ratio of E and H field will remain the same as the characteristic impedance of the medium.
Monopole Antenna
The Com-Power AM-741 active monopole antenna is engineered to be used as an EMI test antenna only. It’s typical use is in a shielded or screened room with the EuT placed on a metal ground plane.
Dipole Antenna
The Com-Power half wave dipole antenna kit is designed to be used as a reference antenna for EMI testing. You should use it to calibrate other antennas or for any EMI test site calibrations.
Antenna Tripods
The Com-Power antenna tripod series are made of non reflective nylon and wood material and perfect for EMC testing. The tripods are very portable and the height is easily adjustable.

For detailed information on the individual antennas, please visit the corresponding pages for an overview of all available models. The specific product pages show specifications, antenna factors, and features for each respective antenna. 


Our products for antenna measurement applications all comply with international EMC standards such as FAA-DO-160, MIL-STD 461, CISPR, EN 55022, IEC 61000-4-3, and FCC Part 15. Use Product Filters on category pages to check specific EMC standards per antenna. Each of our antennas covers a specific frequency range.

To find out which EMC antenna or EMI antenna is best suited to your requirements, please contact us for advice. You can call us at +31 6 234 95 652 or send an e-mail.

EMC Antennas
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