Com-Power Power Log Periodic Antenna, model ALP-100 (300 MHz to 1 GHz)

The ALP-100 power log periodic antenna is light-weight, compact and operates in the frequency range of 300 - 1000 MHz. It has low VSWR and high power handling capabilities and can be utilized for EMI radiated emissions or immunity testing.
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The Power Log Periodic antenna model ALP-100 is a broadband log antenna for use in the 300 ~ 1000 MHz frequency band. The ALP-100 Log Periodic Antenna can be used for both emissions and high power immunity testing. For immunity measurement the ALP-100 can handle up 500 Watts at the input. This log periodic antenna has low VSWR with good beam-width pattern.

Log Periodic antennas allow quick sweep measurements without a band break. This feature makes it convenient to use the LogPer antenna with an automated emissions or immunity measurement system. The size of the antenna also allows it to be used in a small area like shield rooms. The Log Periodic antenna was designed to get a smooth response curve for the antenna factors to minimize measurement errors.

The antenna is mounted from the center using the attached pivoting fixture. This fixture allows quick polorization changes from vertical to horizontal. In addition it can be used to mount the antenna to a tripod such as model AT-110 Antenna Tripod but can also be mounted on an antenna mast.

  • Frequency range: 300 MHz - 1000 MHz
  • Transmitting and receiving Applications
  • High Power Immunity testing
  • Individual calibration
  • Three Year Warranty

Typical Factors for ALP-100 Power Log Periodic Antenna

High Power Log Periodic Antenna ALP-100 Typical antenna factors
Manufacturer: Com-Power
Antenna Type: Power Log Periodic Antenna
Model: ALP-100
Frequency Range: 200 MHz to 1 GHz
Polarization: Linear
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ω
Power Handling: 500 Watts (continuous)
Connector: N-Type (female)
Antenna Factor: 11.7 to 24.0 (average: 18.7) [dB(m-1)]
Isotropic Gain: 4.4 to 6.9 (average: 6.2) dBi
VSWR: 1.42 to 2.28 (average: 1.83) :1
Return Loss: 8.2 to 15.2 (average: 10.9) dB
Specifications: FCC, CISPR, EN, ETSI, FAA, MIL-STD-461, SAE, etc.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 74.9 x 13.5 x 76.5 cm [29.5” x 5.3” x 30.1”]
Weight: 1.8 kg [ 4 lbs.]
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