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Com-Power Half Wave Dipole Antenna kit

Half Wave Dipole Antenna kit

The AD-100 antenna kit is a complete set of dipole antennas which operates in the frequency range of 30 ~ 1000 MHz.


Com-Power Active Loop Antenna AL-130

Active Loop Antenna AL-130

AL-130 Active Loop antenna is battery powered and has a built-in preamplifier with an operating frequency of 9 kHz ~ 30 MHz.


Com-Power Biconical Dipole Antenna ABF-900

Biconical Dipole Antenna ABF-900

ABF-900 Biconical dipole antenna with collapsible elements is highly portable and can be stored and transported with ease due to its compact design.


Com-Power Active Monopole Antenna AM-741

Active Monopole Antenna AM-741

The AM-741 Active Monopole antenna has a rod height of 41 inch (104 cm) and is used for radiated emissions measurements according to various EMC standards.


Com-Power Biconical Antenna AB-900

Biconical Antenna AB-900

AB-900 Biconical antenna is used for emissions and immunity testing to meet various EMC standards. It can be used as a receiving antenna or transmitting antenna.


Com-Power Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-T8SE

Coupling Decoupling Network CDN-T8SE

Impedance Stabilization Network (ISN) with CDN Coupling/Decoupling functionalities. Designed for immunity or emissions testing of shielded Ethernet cables.


Com-Power Antenna Tripod AT-812

Antenna Tripod AT-812

AT-812 Antenna tripod is made of resilient wood material and high quality nylon. Mounts most EMC antennas and can reach heights between 0.8 and 1.2 metres.


Com-Power Double Ridged Waveguide Antenna AHA-118

Double Ridged Waveguide Antenna AHA-118

The AHA-118 is a double ridged waveguide horn antenna with high gain, built-in preamplifier. This waveguide antenna is an excellent choice for EMC radiated emissions testing. Operating frequency range is 700 MHz to 18 GHz.


Com-Power Double Ridged Horn Antenna AH-118

Double Ridged Horn Antenna AH-118

The AH-118 is a double ridged horn antenna that offers excellent performance over the entire frequency range of 700 MHz ~ 18 GHz. This horn antenna is an excellent choice for both EMC radiated immunity and emissions testing.


Com-Power Biconilog Antenna AC-220

Biconilog Antenna AC-220

The Biconilog antenna is for EMC testing up to 2 GHz. Because it combines the biconical and Log Periodic antenna into one single antenna overall testing time is reduced by 30% due to antenna switching.


Com-Power LISN LI-125A


The LI-125A Line Impedance Stabilization Network has a frequency range of 150 kHz up to 30 MHz and provides defined stable impedance and isolates the EUT from power source influences, thereby providing accurate and repeatable results.


Com-Power Comb Generator CGO-505

Comb Generator CGO-505

The CGO-505 Comb Generator is a broadband EMC signal source for quick EMC site testing. It radiate signals up to 1 GHz with a step size of 5 MHz. Monitoring a few frequencies regularly on it's broadband radiated output can verify the entire setup.


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